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Chemical Goddess of Srimati
by Anujit Mukherji

Kodak Labs, Rochester, New York, USA, Jan. 2003.

First, the name conjures up an image in my mind that combines science and religion...and that is interesting...especially in visual form. Science is fundamentally causal and deterministic, while religion is clearly emotional and man-made. The mix always amazes me..especially in a philosophical sense. There seemed to be varied aspects of the creation that registered.
First, as a photographer, this was almost a 1/4 shot, pretty much tightly cropped...a head-shot of sorts.
Second, was struck me was the color...a deep red...almost like blood that has been oxidized...a blackening...with dark greys (as far as I could tell). This red brought to my mind linkages with life...and in a way, with death. Red like green has multiple shades and each shade is a bit different as per the emotions that they induce.
The eyes, with the third eye, were very curvaceous, and I like curves in paintings. Curves provide dimension and I am big on dimension. Which brings me to the aspect of dimensionality. The lines that you have so drawn help elevate the subject to a position of reality, almost as if the face stands up...wanting to emerge from the canvas.
Looking carefully, I could appreciate the reasoning behind the name you have given..unlike the group called symbolists...who focused on it was very hard to understand what they really had in mind when creating.
There seemed to be a sense of sensuality in the face and in the details which are reminiscent of the artist, that I thought I recognized..just a feeling...

Lastly, it is easier to paint with multiple colors (or so I think), because color adds...compared to painting with few colors as you have done here..and you bring out the essence...well..the essence being a mix of shapes and almost monochromes into the creation of a Goddess from whom we humans derive strength and solace.

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