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We Are Not Worthy
by Ragu Venkat

Cairo, Egypt,, November 2002.

I am in awe..

Forgive me if my naivete shows through - I like art that arouses strong emotion - and your exuberant paintings burst out from the desktop, slapped me in the face, and demanded reverent attention.

At the same time my left brain looked for anchors and I saw..

I saw a Munch-ian Mother(Teresa), a Kali-esque Muse that inspires from her eyes,

I saw trees in your own Van Gogh's forest,

I saw Lovers entwined in Matisse-ian blues,

I saw Durer-like discipline in your Arbre De Jour,

I saw voluptous Nudes that frolic-ed ping-pong between walls of Chagall, Matisse, Gauguin...

I am a dilettante, but an awestruck one...